Children are individuals and that’s what they will remain with us. Each child learns and grows with different speed. They have their own personality, their own spirit and they come from different cultures. And each child has its own way of learning.

We want to accompany your child, challenge it and encourage it to learn. Even though each child develops individually there is a pattern in the development within a specific time frame. Knowing this helps us support your child accordingly.

The society today sets fast pace. It evolves and development progresses quickly. We want to give your child the ability to find its way and to be able to adapt without losing its mental, social and ethical independence. It is our aim to support your child during this process as perfectly as possible.

Our world moves closer together every day, and we need a common language. This language is English. We want to give your child the solid basis for later. Children understand through own experiences. That’s why we want to give your child the chance to experience and learn the English language from the beginning.