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The aims of these lessons are to stimulate the kids through fun games and movement and therefore strengthen them in their development holistically.

In courses that are appropriate for kids and that are conducted lovingly, they learn to assess dangerous situations and how to react to them. But they will also learn how to react in case of an emergency and how they can protect themselves. Non-aggressive lessons strengthen the child’s self-confidence and encourage confidence in his/her own abilities.

The children improve…

  • strength
  • endurance
  • balance
  • reaction and
  • orientation.
  • We also nurture:
  • motor skills
  • concentration
  • perception and

Does your child love to dance? Can it move to the rhythm whenever it hears music? Then Christina Seeger is the right teacher for your child.

Children grow up way too fast, but will profit from dance and musical education for a long time. Through games and dance and the group experience the adroitness will improve and the ability to concentrate grow, fantasy and the ability to play as well as self-initiative unfurls.

Ballet brings a lot of advantages for your child:

For example

  • Impartation of lovliness and grace
  • Improvement of musical and rhythmical feeling
  • Support of aesthetical education
  • Discipline and the ability to concentrate
  • Emendation of stance debility
  • Flexibility and body control