About us

Find out more about us and the children of the Kindervilla. If you have further questions, please click on the “concept” or talk to us personally, we look forward to hearing from you.

immobilienOur private Kindervilla Sillenbuch is a wonderful and very quiet single family house in Old – Sillenbuch. The Kindervilla has been child friendly renovated and has a very homely feeling. The Kindervilla Sillenbuch is located off the road and behind the first row of houses right next to a big public playground. The parent’s carpark is located directly in front of the house and there are up to four parking places available
The Kindervilla Sillenbuch offers 200 square meters of indoor space for your child to explore and over 100 square meters of garden which is directly connected to the house. The Kindervilla Sillenbuch has two group rooms, an entrance area, two nicely furnished changing rooms and child friendly toilets.
The Kindervilla garden lies close to our heart as it offers us and the children the ability to play and enjoy all the different seasons of the year in a securely fenced area.

The centre is equipped to hold 17 children in 2 groups from the age of 8 week to 3 years.

Saturday care from 11.00 until 16.00

Saturdays topics include music, sports programs, dance and much more.

This offer is even available for parents who have only registered their child and not yet started. (As long as space is available)

Evening service avaliable by appointment
from 17.00 until 21.00.

7.30 The Kindervilla opens.

07.30 – 08.15 Free Play

During this time the children are cared for in a collective group before they separate into their own groups. During this time the latest information about the child is exchanged and later passed on to the team leader, also the handing over of the diary. After the child is comfortable the parent says goodbye and the child is welcomed into the room. Some children are tired and seek comfort and proximity for their first minutes/hours in the centre. Others are bright and ready to get into the play areas.


The children in the collective groups will now be picked up by their group leader. Until 9:00 the children are welcomed in the group.

09.00 – 09.30 Breakfast

At breakfast, we introduce the children to new and familiar food and drink. In the morning it is important to us that the children take in valuable vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables. Hands are washed before and after meal times.

09.30 – 10.00 care / hygiene

It is particularly important to us that each child receives individual attention from their caregiver. This gives your child security. The caregiver explains all actions. Thus the child learns new and routine words every day. For this we have two separate and lovingly furnished bathrooms/changing rooms. When your child is ready for toilet training we have child friendly toilets children can use independently.

10.00 – 11.00 “Children Conference”

We meet with the children for a children’s conference. Here we share experiences, sing songs, play games and discuss the upcoming daily schedule that is tailored to the needs of the children.

11.00 – 12.00 Lunch

Time for Lunch. The menu will be posted every Friday for the following week. Additionally you can read this on the Kindervilla Homepage. After lunch the children brush their teeth and get ready for bed.

12.00 – 14.00 Nap time

After lunch children sleep in their own little bed, which is made and waiting for them with a blanket and their favorite Teddy ect. Now they have time to close their eyes and rest. During this time a caregiver is present.

14.00 – 14.30 Care and Hygiene

About 14:00 all children left sleeping are woke with care. Then once again the personal hygiene routine takes place.

15.00 Afternoon Snack

To recharge their batteries there is a healthy little afternoon snack. The remainder of the time children are playing in the garden or group rooms.

17.00 – 17.15 Second Snack

At this time children are offered fruit or sometimes a biscuit to nibble.

Until 18.25 is Collection time.

Here the parents are reported briefly on any special events and the caregivers say goodbye to the children.

18.30 The Kindervilla closes its doors.

You can find the costs here.

You can claim two thirds of all the care fees, up to a maximum of 4,000 € per year per child, to be deducted as business expenses from your tax. For more information on the supject see http://www.bmfsfj.de or ask your tax consultant.