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The Kindervilla is a private sponsor of bilingual day-care centers where children from the age of 8 weeks until they start school are lovingly cared for and comprehensively supported. Our vision is to show our children a way to actively shape their learning and their lives themselves and to grow into compassionate, competent and happy people.

We support them in developing into adaptive, independent personalities who find solutions together and courageously pursue their very own visions.

Love, trust and warm affection - with these three importantpillars, children grow up from birth.

We believe in comprehensive support that goes beyond traditional academic learning. The development of social-emotional intelligence and creative thinking have the same importance in the Kindervilla as the equipment with the necessary tools for later academic life. Empathy, compassion, community and innovation therefore characterize our everyday life and our educational offers in the same way as artistic projects or learning about letters and numbers.

I was happy in the Kindervilla because the educators there work with heart and give the children a great time.

Julia R. - Stuttgart

We have always been satisfied with the Kindervilla. The teachers had a great bond with the children and were always focused on their upbringing. It was always a pleasure for the children to go to the nursery and kindergarden there. Accordingly, they were also very sad to leave when school began. The food was always great and the children were generally well looked after there. I would recommend the Kindervilla again and again!

Kamelia E. - Stuttgart

I would bring my child back to the Kindervilla at any time because my child was always happy and content there.

Christina P. - Stuttgart

Kindervilla,bilinguale Nursery, Preschools,and Kindergarden in Stuttgart

Our villas are open for you at the following times:

Monday – Thursday: 07:30am – 6pm
Friday: 07:30am – 5:30pm

We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones.