Our offers for your darling in our preschools & kindergarten

The promotion and education of your children’s talents is very important to us. We have designed some offers for your children with great partners.

We offer these to your darlings in the preschools & Kindergarten at Gänsheide and Killesberg Park.

Ballet lessons at the Seeger ballet school with Christina Seeger

Does your child like to dance too? Does it move rhythmically whenever music is played? Then your child is in the right hands with Christina Seeger.

Your child is growing up far too quickly. It is all the nicer to see how it has benefited from the dance and music education for a long time. Through games, dance and the group experience, the children’s dexterity is improved and their ability to concentrate is increased. The ballet stimulates children’s imagination and develops their own initiative.

Ballet classes bring many benefits to your child….

For example:

  • Communication of grace and grace
  • Increase in musical and rhythmic feel
  • Promotion of aesthetic education
  • Discipline and ability to concentrate
  • Correction of posture weaknesses
  • Flexibility and body control

Kids Functional Training

The aim of this class is to encourage the children through fun, games and movement, thereby strengthening their development holistically.

In the child-friendly and lovingly guided course, the children learn to assess, recognize and deal with dangerous situations. But even in an emergency, the children are shown how to behave and protect themselves effectively. Non-aggressive practice sessions will build your child’s self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities.

Improve the children…

  • Power
  • Endurance
  • Balance
  • Reaction and
  • Orientation.
  • This is funded…
  • Motor skills
  • Concentration
  • Perception and body experience.