Kindervilla Sillenbuch Nursery

Our Nursery in the beautiful district of Sillenbuch in Stuttgart offers plenty of space and a perfect atmosphere for your child.

Here you can find out more about us and the children’s villa. If you have any further questions, please click on “Concept” or contact us personally, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our private Kindervilla Sillenbuch is a beautiful and very quiet single-family house in Alt-Sillenbuch. The children’s villa was converted to be suitable for small children and has a very familiar character. The children’s villa Sillebuch is off the street, in the second or third row next to a large public playground. Our parents have up to four parking spaces directly in front of the house.

In the Kindervilla Sillenbuch we offer your children over 200 square meters of conquering space in the house and over 100 square meters of private garden space with direct access. The Kindervilla Sillenbuch has two group rooms, a cloakroom, two lovingly furnished, separate changing rooms and child-friendly toilets.

The garden of the Kindervilla is particularly important to us. It offers us and the children the opportunity to spend time and play with the children outdoors all year round in a sheltered setting.

In our Kindervilla, we look after a total of 17 children aged between 8 weeks and 3 years in 2 groups.

We want to support the parents in their educational responsibilities and strengthen their parenting skills through targeted offers in the facility.

Not only do the “Tea & Cake” parents’ meetings serve this purpose, but also special theme days on which we, for example, invite a speaker on the subject of “First Aid for children or infants”.

7.30 a.m.: Kindervilla opens

7.30 – 08.45: Free play
– Taking care of the children in a collection group
– Sharing updated information about your child
– Delivery of the diary
– comfortable start to the day
– Your child is free to choose what they want to do

08.45 – 09.30: Breakfast
– Your child will learn to eat independently
– fresh fruits and vegetables
– washing hands together after eating

9.30 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.: care/hygiene
– individual care of your child
– Supervisor explains actions
– either care in the changing room or, for older children who no longer need a diaper, care in the child-friendly toilet

10.00 – 10.30: “Morning Circle”
– Children’s Conference
– Experiences are told
– singing together
– Playing finger games
– Change of place games
– Discussion of the planned daily routine

11.00 – 12.00: Lunch
– Having lunch
– Brush teeth
– Getting ready for bed

12.00 – 14.00: Afternoon nap
– Snuggle up in your own little bed with a cozy blanket, your favorite teddy bear, etc.

2.00 p.m. – 2.30 p.m.: care/hygiene
– Every child sleeps as long as it wants or the parents tell us
– subsequent body care

15.00: Afternoon snack
– Small, healthy afternoon snack: Here we surprise your little one with lots of healthy surprises: smoothies, crumbles with fruit from the oven, various healthy breads with fruit and vegetables, colorful salads or colorful raw vegetable platters with dip, etc. Once a week the cook bakes for the children various breads, pizza snails, cakes, muffins or other small delicacies that children love.
– after that: free play

Between 15.30 and 17.00 : collection group
– All children come into a collection group
– Pedagogues work after the day and prepare upcoming projects and activities

17.00 – 17.15: Second snack
– Fruit or a homemade biscuit will be served
Until 18.00: pick-up time
– Discussion with the parents about special events
– Say goodbye to the children

18.00: Kindervilla closes.

You can find the care costs for Kindervilla here.

Two thirds of the total care costs, up to a maximum of 4,000 euros per year and child, can be deducted from taxes as income-related expenses.

You can find more information on the subject at or can be mediated by a tax advisor.

Our day-care centers are open for you at the following times:

Monday – Thursday: 07:30am – 6pm
Friday: 7:30am – 5:30pm

We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones.