Workat Kindervilla in our wonderful team

We are looking to strengthen our great team. We look forward to your application.

We are currently searching

German and / or native English speaking

    • Housemanagement / Teamleader of a Kindervilla
    • Educators (also in the year of recognition)
    • FSJ – voluntary social year (in cooperation with Wohlfahrtswerk and Internationalen Bund)
    • BFD – voluntary year (in cooperation with Wohlfahrtswerk)
    • Dual study or PiA – 3 years semi-practical course in order to get certified educator (in cooperation with IU)
    • Apprentices, Trainees, etc. (native English speakers are welcome)

Please send your complete application with photo by email to jobs{at} or for an FSJ, BFD or PiA to the cooperation companies (see above).

This is how you can participate

We are looking for you! Would you like to work in a bilingual daycare center with a modern, needs-oriented concept and would you like to become part of our motivated team?

In Kindervilla, every team member is seen, can get involved and has the opportunity to grow with us. So, what are you waiting for?

Apply here:

Working at Kindervilla

Kindervilla offers you the following advantages:

  • Many years of experience with routine and proven procedures in an established/reliable and modern concept.
  • Pleasant and calm working atmosphere because of high teacher ratio
  • Payment according to TVöD-SuE with additional benefits (up to i. e. € 4.902,44 per month for group leader position – level S8b/6 or as per level S13 for a housemanagement, as of April 2024)
  • Tarif+ (additional € 100 per month for 3 years – after that 25% less every year)
  • 13th salary according to TvÖD-Sue
  • Additional SuE-Bonus
  • Up to 34 vacation days per year
  • 38 hour week (subject to availability)
  • Leistungsentgelt (additional, individual bonus as per performance)
  • Overtime payment (i. e. for two special Kindervilla events per year)
  • € 250 bonus for successfully recruiting of new team members
  • Up to € 28,30 financial contribution per month when using public transportation
  • Birthday and anniversary attention
  • Up to 10 hours per week preparation time
  • Pension insurance contributed by Kindervilla
  • Encouragement and support for individual life planning, as well as a variety of opportunities to balance family and career
  • Regular team and parent events throughout the year
  • Possibility to contribute with suggestions for improvement, for the constant optimization of internal processes and their further development
  • Plenty of personal freedom to implement your own ideas
  • Beautiful and functional rooms in detached modernized villas or new modern buildings with contemporary equipment
  • Easily accessible locations in the best urban areas
  • Contribution to individual annual training (up to 350 € per year)
  • Joint conception days for further development of the Kindervilla concept, self-improvement, and further education
  • Support of further individual courses by additional contributions possible
  • Detailed training on the first working days to ensure a smooth start
  • Mentoring program in place (experienced team members coach new team members)
  • Support in finding accommodation through a large existing network
  • Working with our own Kindervilla App, which facilitates the daily routines, operations and communication
  • Housekeeper in the houses